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First-Class Services Built For You

Personal Training

There's not a better way to reshape your body than with Core Fit 360's specialized personal training.   Our specialists will engineer a customized fitness and nutrition plan for you that will not only increase your fitness level, but your confidence in a very short time.  Contact us to see why this method of training is voted #1.  Call or email to start Your Story with us! 

Maxx Fit Boot Camp

Are you ready to sweat?  We hope so!  This is the quickest and easiest way to get started with us and is a surefire way to kickstart your way to greater results.  High intensity interval training with an emphasis on strengthening allows for a body fat reduction and a more toned body dimension.  Call or email to start Your Story with us!

Pro-Style Speed & Agility

Learn from the pro's and get your athlete(s) to the next level!  Sports specific training designed to equip all athletes with the edge they need to become elite.  Call or email to start Your Story with us!

PNF Rejuvenation Stretching

Can you say Rejuvenation?  Well, Believe the Hype!  Our all-new PNF Stretching will make you feel better in your body.  These targeted stretches will enable you to gain length in tight, shortened muscles.  Therefore, increasing range of motion and flexibility, leaving you more confident than ever.  Sign-up for your PNF Stretch Session today!  

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